Exemplary implementation of software and applications

3D konfigurator produktu

3D configurator of the helicopter

For the Swiss helicopter producer Marenco Swisshelicopter whose products are made of carbon fiber, we made 3D configurator of their flagship product i.e. the helicopter SKY SH09. The application was aimed at full 3D presentation of the machine’s design with all additional options of equipment. 3D configurator was meant to work both online as well as offline. An additional function necessary for the use of the application at the trade fair HAI Heli- Expo 2017 in Dallas was collecting all offer queries generated in 3D configurator in one data base.

Configurator features:

  • Configuration of 7 different functions of the helicopter
  • Configuration of 13 different color schemes
  • Configuration of 2 different interior color schemes
  • Animation of propellers and doors
  • 9 additional options of extra equipment
  • The view of the helicopter from inside/outside
  • Change of the helicopter’s surroundings as well as airport lighting
  • Dynamic change of lighting due to movement of equipment
  • Sending requests for a proposal
  • Presentation of technical documentation

3D configurator of street clocks

Inducta is a Swiss company which designs and makes street clocks. Products of this renowned company are present all over the world. The objective for 3D configurator was to create a mobile application for street clocks configuration and incorporate in it augmented reality functionality. Besides standard 3D presentation of different clock designs and color schemes the project assumed integration of a mobile device camera with a virtually designed clock(augmented reality). This allowed placing the clock in a real filmed environment.

  • Creation of 20 street clock bodies
  • Making 5 Omega and Rolex clock faces
  • Implementation of augmented reality functionality with the use of markers
  • Possibility to configure bodies, colors and faces of clocks
  • konfigurator Inducta
    aplikacja dotykowa

    Touchscreen application „Be my Juice”

    Be my Juice is a Polish network of Premium Juice Bars which offers freshly squeezed juices, cocktails, smoothies and fruit salads. The ordering party was looking for a solution that would help its clients make a decision while placing orders for freshly squeezed juices. A simultaneous requirement was such a design of the application functions that would make it easy to service every order.
    Our team made a touchscreen application in so called 2,5D technology interacting with a touch screen for individual configuration of juices and ordering.

    Application functions:

    • Creating personal mixture of juices
    • Pricing of orders
    • Drawing of unique and funny names of orders
    • Drawing of special offer prices
    • Presentation of ingredients in the form of product groups
    • Animated elements in the application background
    • QR Code usage to load different juice mixtures
    • Placing orders and their saving in the central data base
    • Presenting orders in an administration panel

    Mobile application & KNX

    Bertrand is a leading Polish manufacturer of windows, doors and winter gardens. Implementation of the order included the design of a mobile application controlling Bertrand products presented at a trade fair.

    Application features:

    • Control of the blinds
    • Opening/shutting windows
    • Presenting a product catalogue in 6 languages
    • Making requests for a proposal through a built-in form

    aplikacja mobilna
    oprogramowanie targi i wystawy

    Interactive panoramic presentation stand

    We made an interactive stand showing panoramas from five lighthouses on the Polish coast for the exhibition „Lux In Tenebris” in the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk. Projection control was carried out with the help of a tablet. On the basis of archive photos and descriptions map projects were made. As a part of the project we created animations showing changes in the Polish coastline over the centuries.

    Exhibition presentation system

    The National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk
    The exhibition: „21. Decalogue of Solidarity”

    We made a presentation system of animations for 21 stands. The project included preparation by our company of touch screen controlled applications for every stand and projection software. As a part of the project we also made a registration system for proximity cards.

    interaktywne stand
    wizualizacje 3D

    Product visualization

    We make computer visualizations in high resolution. They are based on three-dimensional models of products and high resolution photos. Our team created a set of visualizations for Marenco Swisshelicopters at the trade fair HAI Heli-Expo 2017 in Dallas.

    3D presentation

    The project involved making detailed 3D visualizations of two exhibits from the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk. The presentations were made on the basis of detailed scans of the objects. We used Unreal Development Kit in our work.

    prezentacje 3D