Advantages of using 3D Product Configurator

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3D Product Configurator - let’s to know about the benefits for your customers and business.

Full realism

You present products in the form almost ideally resembling their real appearance. You can change colors, lighting, perspective and all that in real time.

Multilanguage service

3Dconfigurator is supplied with necessary language versions. Change of language is done directly in the application.

Interactive 3D catalogue

3D configurator also enables the creation of a 3D product catalogue. Faster browsing, detailed presentation of products, configuration of additional options, fast pricing – these are the advantages in comparison with a printed version.

Individual match

Individual matching – 3D configurator matches the product with the individual requirements of clients. You learn about their needs in a faster and simpler way. Presentation is made in variable surroundings and lighting – daylight/night/sky/underwater.

Client does not wait

Immediate quotation for the applied configuration. You give answer to any questions the client has about the price in real time and let him make changes which influence it.

Support at a trade fair

We offer marketing support at a trade fair when a large number of visitors wishing to learn about products makes direct contact difficult. The configurator will present the product, gather contact details which you can make use of after the fair.

Support for your salespeople

3D configurator is a perfect tool for your salespeople. They can configure a product with a client or on their own – all they need is a tablet with the application. Just a few clicks and they can send a final offer.

Global reach

Using 3D configurator application for mobile devices secures almost unlimited increase in the range of your activities.

Modern company

That is what the image of your company will be thanks to the 3D configurator of your products. Our tool is a simple way of creating or strengthening a positive image.

Let a client ask questions

The configurator can include a request for a proposal form. It is an additional tool of building positive relationship with clients.

Instructive presentation

Presentation of business or functional (e.g. installation) processes in the form of 3D animation. (in short: interactive image showing how the product works).


3D configurator can include full technical documentation or instructions related to the product. Overview and printout directly from the application.

Analysis of preferences

You can analyze clients’ preferences regarding various configurations. It is an indispensable tool to make right business decisions.