Functions of the 3D Product Configurator

Product configurationin modenr way.
Discover functions ofthe 3D Product Configurator.

Full 3D view

3D displaying of products with 360 degrees revolution. You can see objects from every direction.

Zoom in/out

Zooming in or out at any vector.

Change of environment

Change of predefined sceneries and surroundings in a presentation e.g. mountains/seaside/night/daylight.

Change of lighting

Control of lighting during configuration of a product. This also changes the displayed product.

Adjustment of colors

Direct change of color scheme in 3Dconfigurator. You can show products on offer in different colors.

Multi-language application

Switching language versions directly in the application. A universal tool for every market.

Point of view change

Point of view change during 3D configuration – from outside or from inside. Displaying the inside of the product ( structure, design).

Data collection

3Dconfigurator application collects contact data of potential clients.

Adding soundtrack

Product animation with an added soundtrack. Reinforce the message with additional instructions or sound/music accompaniment.

Special 3D effects

Special effects such as flashes, shine, reflections are used during color adjustment.

Dynamic expansion

Additional animation of equipment e.g. assembling, lifting, turning on, disconnecting. Advanced configuration using additionally defined options of extra equipment.

Sending out offers

Sending out offers with preconfigured product directly from the application.

Instant pricing

3Dconfigurator based on defined data will specify the price for a given configuration. The client does not have to wait to find out about the price.

Multimedia embedding

During 3D configuration presentation or instruction films with additional information can be displayed as a built-in option.

Dynamic animation

Dynamic animation showing how the product works. Your clients see how it works.

Inquiry form

Clients can send inquiries directly from 3Dconfigurator.